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Sex & Intimacy Coach & Counselor

B.A. Cultural Anthropology, Minister’s License, Holistic Life Coach, Tantra Apprentice. Located in Bay Area, California USA and Online

About Me

Born a minister’s son in the Deep South, I grew up in a rigidly religious environment, struggling against the strong social conditioning and problematic relationship templates that we as gay and queer men have inherited from society. At age 21, I myself became a trained minister, suppressing my true sexual identity and dividing myself into pieces on the inside. My innate eroticism led me through a labyrinth of self-deceit, a complicated double life, and at last, to a breaking point—a new beginning—that defined my own search for personal truth. Once I had left the ministry and stepped “out of the closet,” I painfully accepted that my journey toward wholeness and my authentic self was far from over. In fact, it had just begun.

Within the very wounds of rejection, fear, and self-loathing, I uncovered the medicine for my own internal healing. I believe that it is through our own pain that we as queers will transform ourselves, our communities, and our cultures at large.

I am a coach, a writer, an educator, and a podcast co-host, bringing eighteen years of combined experience in social anthropology, wellness coaching, spiritual counseling, sex and intimacy coaching, and personal development to my client and couples practice. I have also been a staffed practitioner for the Queer Couples Center in San Francisco. Additionally, I enjoy being a content creator, onsite coach for Himeros TV, which provides explicit content for queer men looking to find meaning in eroticism, strengthen erotic skills, and create a sense of loving, erotic, community with other men.

Why I Facilitate

I am incredibly passionate about helping gay and queer men discover the deeper layers of themselves, how they form their erotic identities, and how to express with intention. Men of all orientations have not had a lot of help in understanding their inner lives, and I feel like it’s time that we change that together. I believe that sex can be a lens into our deepest wounds as well as to our highest aspirations. I teach Intentional Erotic Reconditioning: the container, rituals, and practices that we need in order to embody the awarenesses that we uncover in our psyches, bringing them into a physical expression that can change our lives on every level.

My Favourite Blog I've Written

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