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Teacher, Facilitator & DJ

Tantra for Gay Men Diploma (ongoing); B.Soc.Sc Sociology - University of Manchester; MA Social Research and Sociology - Lancaster University; Member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. Current Location: Blackpool, UK

About Me

Hey! I am Jakey Tay and I was born and bred in the coastal town of Blackpool, United Kingdom. I knew that I was attracted to other men from an early age, where through using of the internet in the late 2000’s, I began to use what was around me to formulate and navigate in my identity as a young queer male in a heteronormative world. I was unfortunately outed during the middle of my high school years which, whilst difficult at the time, shaped me into the person who I am today who advocates for challenging the stigma surrounding HIV and who is driven to support other LGBTQ+ individuals on their journeys towards healing and wholeness.

I attended Tantra4GayMen’s Tantra Love Festival in 2018 which revolutionised my life! It was there which awoken previously dormant parts of self, the most notable being the kinky shaman within, and has led to me to continue to explore all what tantra, sex magick, kink, and witchcraft has to offer! I delight in being able to share this journey with others as a role model who empowers you to truly be and embody who you really are, as well as being a fellow traveller on this path of mysticism who is also learning as we walk together towards healing, oneness and connection to ourselves, each other and the Divine.

Aside from tantra, I enjoy playing video games, travelling and meeting new people, reading books on spirituality, kink and sociology, and learning new skills

Why I Facilitate

As a facilitator, I enjoy offering rituals of self-love and care; sessions which explore the realms of BDSM, Kink, Shamanism and Witchcraft; discussion spaces which help continue to figure out how to make the change which we wish to see in this weird and wonderful world; and most importantly my infamous Bedroom Boogie Discos! I originally started to facilitate sessions to share my love towards dancing and music, however as time went on I also wanted to share what I am also interested in and currently exploring in my own personal practices. I love giving people the space and permission to truly be who they really are, and provide a little bit more joy, laughter and love to the world!

My Favourite Blog I've Written

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