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Tantra Teacher

Diploma in Tantra. Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling - Bristol University. Previous Member MNFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers).

About Me

I’m Jason Tantra, co-founder of Tantra4GayMen and with my beautiful husband Ingo. At the time of writing we have taught Tantra for 15years and over 12,000 have experienced my work. I am blessed to be making weekend workshop offerings, to longer week long residential training and even festivals all related to Tantra.

I have a university degree in integrative counselling, over 10 years of professional work as a psychotherapist, specialisation in work with sexual issues and trauma, extensive training and lifelong vocation in Neo-Tantra and its many varieties. 25 years of background in a plethora of spiritual modalities, including energy work, mediumship, spiritualism, eastern forms of meditation, ecstatic satsang and darshan, full business career and entrepreneur including multi-million dollar projects.

It is my Love and my dedication to bring men into deeper awareness of themselves and to realise their potential in their human experience. I don’t want to dictate what truth is? I don’t want to dictate that Love is the answer. But I do create spaces for men to make their own discoveries. This is my Love. This is how I can help you and help men. To create spaces for exploration and growth.

Love Jason Tantra.

Why I Facilitate

I believe that as humans we have an invitation to live more fully, more ecstatically and broader than how we understand ourselves. I believe we have an opportunity to live Love moment to moment. And this being the Enlightenment. This being the Bliss, this being the Ecstasy. The invitation to be in touch with Love every moment. This being a meditation, a practice, and in that, each we take action, each word we speak, each thought we think … that the invitation is how is that aligned with Love. Love being the Ultimate Truth, the Enlightenment.

Our lives condition us to where we experience things not aligned with love. Shame, guilt and judgements. Of ourselves, of others. And without being aware of that, that is our lived life. These thoughts and feelings build our values and beliefs that are not aligned to our good. They can keep us miserable, unhappy and in a dejection.

Inside me I feel a deep sense of knowing. A swell in the pit of my stomach and a glow in my heart. A knowing of a possibility where Love is the answer. Up to now in my life, I cannot conceive of a higher truth than Love. This has been my mission in Tantra. To create a world agline with Love. To create experiences, to create trainings, to create all types of formats for the practice of Tantra.

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