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Facilitator and Bodyworker

Tantra Coach

About Me

I am Pep Tantra. I facilitate tantra groups in Leeds, on-line at the Tantra Love Academy and also bring tantra to individuals one-to-one.

I am a body worker. Over the past 20 years I have trained in different modalities: manipulative therapy, remedial massage, sports therapy, sacro-cranial treatment and exercise therapy. I regularly work with all sorts of people: from elite athletes, children, the elderly and whoever I feel I can help.

I am currently studying Counselling. My interest is in physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I want to support men in their growth. Tantra has the most perfect integration of all those elements.

Love Jason Tantra.

Why I Facilitate

My journey in Tantra started 20 years ago. I did my first tantra workshop in the USA at the Bodyelectric School of Massage. At the time I was after some healing: I felt I suffered from premature ejaculation. As many gay men I had issues around identity, confidence and intimacy with other men. I felt really insecure and it manifested in sex. A boyfriend at the time recommended I try this tantric weekend course. The result was a multiorgasmic experience in which I was sensually massage with a focus on my penis for 90 mins and the whole of my body tingled. I never had an urge to ejaculate either. It was a mindblowing experience.

Since then I tried to find a school in the UK where I could deepen in my studies, and this is when I came accross tantra4gaymen. I have been studying the diploma in Tantra, a teacher training course and I have become a facilitator for tantric workshops in Leeds.

Tantra has brought me wonderful new dimensions to intimacy and sexuality. It has allowed me to grow personally and spiritually. It has facilitate me to get rid of fears and behaviours that did not help me. It has basically made me less judgamental, happier and so much more open to love.

My passion is now to create spaces in which gay and bi men can feel safe to explore intimacy. Real intimacy away from the gay scene or the apps. Spaces in which people can gather and celebrate sensuality and sexuality in an embodied, safe and fun way.

My Favourite Blog I've Written

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