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Pride Month: The Answer Is Always Love

Hello, there I’m Jason tantra. And in this video, I want to talk about pride month and pride in terms of coming out in terms of its relationship to tantra.

So in Europe, in the USA, June is pride month, and it’s about celebrating who we really are for me. When I look at it from a tantric perspective, we’re celebrating who we really are, and at one level that’s about coming out and being comfortable in the world. As we define ourselves some of us that might be gay, might be bisexual, and may be trans.

That may be many different labels coming out. But actually for me, from a tantric perspective, actually, this coming out is a bit deeper.

There’s a deeper journey that’s available to you because, for me, the very act of coming out is realizing that there is a truth that’s going on inside of you, and actually inside that truth is something that you’re going to bust. If you don’t tell the world and you can’t suppress it any longer and hit such a truth, like the truth of coming out, that you do, you may be attracted to whatever that might be.

You know, other men, other people, for me, there’s like a coming out and there’s a worry that you’re gonna be accepted and worry that you’re going to be okay and a coming out as part of that. And for me, you know, coming out and letting people know, for example, your sexual orientation is just one part of the possibility in the tantric journey.

For me, there’s something about coming out time after time, after time, as you realize, and understand more truths about yourself and bringing that more truth to the world, being able to come out more.

When I grew up in the 1970s you know, for me, there was a heterosexual gay, and there were some people that were transsexual, but we didn’t lose so much about that.

And over the last 50 years, I can’t believe I’m that old over the last 15 years. What I love is that we’ve explored our gender, we’ve explored our identity and now we have many ways for us to explore and be the truth of who we are. And for me, part of the tantra journey is about being the truth, being proud of who you are, and being able to be that in this world.

And for me, tantra is giving you a f**k yes, a come and be. You come and be proud, come and be how you describe yourself, define yourself because it’s all love.

And it’s all part of who we are as the human experience in our human beings. Having this human experience for me, this coming out is the part of you. That’s true. That’s looking for love. Often I talk about in tantra, this love, and truth, and how will these two sit together for me, that process of coming out is always about truth.

Looking for acceptance, looking for love. Love is all accepting. And sometimes we need to find that in ourselves. We need to find that love and acceptance in ourselves.

I think that’s the first stage. Sometimes we can realize the truth about ourselves and we need to come to terms with that ourselves.

First of all. And then once we are kind of onboard with it, we then start to want those people closest to us.
Those people that know us to actually start to you know, accept that, to bring the love, to bring acceptance, bring that love to us.

And then, you know, we want the wider world to love us. And for me, this pride month, this idea of pride is all about the human experience, about keeping and developing the truths of who we are.

More true, small needs, little desires, more misses, who we really are more evolution and that to be met with love for me. This might sound trite, but it’s stuck with me all these years. The answer is always love. Acceptance is always love.

The answer is always to love whenever you meet any part of yourself how do you bring love to that? And you know, one thing I’ve always said is what would love to say about that?
How would love be with that? If you’re ever looking for, you know, a moral compass for me, it’s always been, what would love do with that?

How would love to be with that? So, listen, as we’re celebrating pride month, whether you’re listening to it then, or at some other time how do you bring love to yourself and how do you love yourself for all that you are?

Yeah, the answer’s always loved take care until next time. Bye. Bye.

Jason Tantra
Thu 16 Jun-22

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