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Sex to Spirit

Video Transcript:

So this time I want to talk to you about moving your sexual energy to spirit. So when we talk about Tantra, we talk about sex and we talk about spirituality and sometimes we can talk about those as isolated topics but also if you imagine it in your body and your sex being where your genitals are and your spirit coming in from your head or from your crown chakra, how do we get the sexual energy from down there to up here. It’s actually very simple and I’m going to share with you a technique. But before I share the technique, just to give you a little bit more background, basically sexual energy that stays just down in the genitals, stays down in the cock – that can feel like really horny energy and it can be real, out to play but it can also sometimes feel like it’s over before it even got started. One of the ways of having a much more expanded sense of sex is through being able to move the sexual energy from your base chakra, from the bottom and move it up through to other places in your body and other places in your energy centres – we call those chakras. And I’m going to do a future clip for you where I’m going to introduce you to chakras.

This technique is really good to help you have an expanded sense of sex but also to help you have a more profound sense of orgasm. So for example you can move sex, you can move sexual energy if you’re making love you can move that up to your heart and you can actually meet another person in that. And also in Tantra what we’re doing is we’re moving it up to spirit. We’re moving the sexual energy – sexual energy for me is like fuel, it’s like petrol that drives the car, your sexual energy is one of the energies that can drive different spiritual, enlightened experiences. You may have heard me say in other videos that it is in the moment of orgasm, remember I talked about the eye of the storm, it’s in that moment where your body tenses and there’s a nothingness – it’s in there that the enlightenment is. But typically if you’re having typical sex you’re only going to have that for a moment and it can be gone before it started because there’s no consciousness around that. In deeper Tantric practice, in much more prolonged Tantric practice we spend much longer in that place and we help you, I help you to create those states so you can bring awareness and consciousness to them so you can kind of clock what’s going on and in there you can sit in enlightened states, in much more aware states.

So being able to move your sexual energy up past your heart up to your spirit is going to give you some really interesting experiences. So it’s quite simple, to move the energy the first rule is that energy follows thought. So if you’re thinking that your energy is moving up, it is moving up. The other thing you can do, you may have heard it called the PC pump and a long Latin name which I can’t recall but basically there’s the PC pump and it’s the same muscle down in your genital area that you use when you’re having a pee – you know when you are squeezing out the last moments of having a pee and you kind of feel that muscle, it’s that one – that’s your PC pump. One practice you can do and I’d invite you to try this for a week is, every day do between 1 and 200 of these exercises – you squeeze and let go, squeeze and let go, squeeze and let go. Basically you do between 1 and 200 of these and you can do that anywhere, sat on the tube, on the bus, driving your car, even going to see your parents, or even out for dinner with friends – maybe even at a work meeting you could be doing this and nobody will be knowing. What you’ll find is after a week of you doing this every single day what you’ll find is that it already feels like it’s much more expanded and can give you a really really profound orgasm, profound sex, profound ecstatic, orgasmic sensations. So that’s the first thing for you to try.

The second thing to try is when you’re in sex with somebody and you’re in that interaction is to start again contracting and pumping that muscle and visualising your sexual energy kind of coming up your body, coming up to your head. Sometimes you might feel it like heat, sometimes you might feel it as a tingling sensation – but don’t be scared, don’t be afraid of it, nobody has ever died from having orgasmic sensations through their body. If you feel like you need to come down you can put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and what that does is that starts to circulate the energy back down. So if you feel like you’re getting a headache or too much is going on, you can just put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to bring that energy down.

Give these two things a try and leave me some comments below – I respond to all the comments on my videos – so leave me some comments to tell me how it’s going and I look forward to hearing how you’re getting on with that.

Take care, lots of love, good bye.

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