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How can the Festival help me?

Every aspect of this festival is designed to help you grow and learn how to explore different aspects of themselves. There is something for everyone:
Men who wish to reignite their sexual prowess.
Men who are seeking a place to be themselves.
Men who want to explore Tantra.
Men who are interested in growing spiritually and sexually
As well as having fun, celebrating who you are and finding a whole new family.

For many attending this festival, not only is it a great vacation or holiday, but also a chance to reconnect with yourself maybe in ways that are not easy to do in your day to day life. The festival creates an environment of what a perfect living tantric life can be. And for some they find this creates opportunities to reconfigure their day to day life to create the very things they experience at the festival.

The festival can also open the door to a deeper exploration of Tantra. And maybe for you you’d like to consider the Diploma in Tantra programme offered by Jason and Ingo in the UK and USA (East and West Coast) each year. This can revolutionize your life in ways that support you in your spiritual journey and in the experience of this life.

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