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What happens if there is a problem?

When you hold space of love, intimacy, and touch, some men come to these spaces with complex histories. Sometimes, the very thing they want is beset with personal anxieties that can hinder them. Men will react in many different ways. In your Facilitator Training you’ll learn how to handle a whole array of different and complex issues. You will be well-prepared after completing the training! But on top of that, if you ever experience any issues in your groups, then just arrange a call with your coach. Also, you have monthly Coaching and Support Calls for help and guidance. In those calls, you also share experiences and best practices with other facilitators.

When participants book to attend, you are protected by our terms and conditions they agreed to upon signing up. In your induction we will also talk about insurances that you’ll need.

Summed up, with our experience, we can guide you and help you through each situation that arises when running a group. You’ll never be alone!

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